The UK National Lottery – EuroMillions, Hot Picks, Merseyworld And More  

If there is something that probably each one of us wishes for that is definitely winning the national lottery since the prizes are insane and life-changing. Who wouldn’t want that, right? We, at backinamo, took the time to put together a small article about the UK lottery, different, games, merseyworld, etc.

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The year 1994 was the year when the UK National Lottery was born and since then it has gone through many changes and what we have today are numerous opportunities for marvelous cash prizes. Some of the earlier changes to the UK Lottery include the Wednesday draw just three years after Lottery was launched, then the addition of Lotto Raffle in 2013. 

Over the years, there were some very lucky lottery winners. Just a few years ago, in 2016, the twenty-year-old record was broken with the prize of £66 million being split in half among two extremely lucky players. Just imagine the filling of winning £33 million. That is definitely a prize of our dreams. But just as the lottery storm caused by this record win was simmering down, another enormous prize was won just a month later. This time a single winner took home a prize worth £32.5 million!   

How to Play National Lottery? 

uk lotto onlineIf you don’t know how to play lotto, don’t worry this is the easiest game out there. What you need to do is to choose or select 6 numbers between 1 and 59. You can use whatever strategy you want. Choose your favourite or lucky numbers, maybe use the dates important to you or just randomly select any 6 numbers of your choice. Whatever the rule you govern yourself for choosing your six numbers, the aim is for your numbers to match those drawn in the lottery. All 6 matching the winning numbers is the main goal, as this brings the jackpot prize which is a life-changing sum.  

The tickets can be bought all around the UK at any retailer with the lottery license. And to be on a par with internet development, National Lottery offers the option of playing lotto online. Just like you would do with checking the numbers on a ticket, online playing functions the same. Also, you can choose a Lucky Dip option. This way the system will randomly choose the 6 numbers for you. When playing online, upon selecting your numbers and paying for the ticket, you will get an e-mail from the Lottery team with all the info about your ticket and draw. The greatest part is that in the case that you’ve won and played online, you will get an instant e-mail about this great news. For wins up to £500, you will get an instant payment to your lottery account. 

What Can Be Won By Playing Lotto? 

The prizes are given out not only for getting all 6 matching numbers. The players can win awards for matching anything from 2 to 6 numbers. Of course, the jackpot prize is reserved for those lucky players who manage to match all 6 numbers. Let’s see what jackpot is first. The jackpot prize depends on the day when the draw takes place and on the rollover process. The starting jackpot happens on Wednesdays and totals £2 million and on Saturdays with the sum of £3.8 million. When not won, the jackpots rollover and increase on the next draw day. If it happens that more than one player win the main jackpot prize by matching all 6 numbers, then these players split the jackpot among themselves equally. 

Apart from jackpot and matching all 6 main numbers, the players can also win other prizes. These include the following: for matching 2 numbers you get a Free Lucky Dip, for 3 numbers there’s a prize of £30, for 4 numbers the award is £140, for 5 numbers you’ll win £1,750, while for 5 numbers+Bonus Ball there is a juicy prize of £1 million. 

What Are Lotto Rollovers, Rolldowns, and Must Be Won Draws? 

The whole concept of rollovers is based on the fact that the jackpot prize can rollover only 5 times in a row. After the fifth time, it must be awarded. If there are no winners to this point, then Must Be Won Draw comes along. This actually means that the jackpot prize is guaranteed to be awarded to players even if not a single player manages to match all 6 numbers. When this is the case the rolldown of jackpot happens when all the money is distributed among all winner players. Let’s see how this looks in numbers: the prize for 2 matches stays the same, that is, the players get a Free Lucky Dip, 3 matched numbers award £100, 4 numbers equal £500. while 5 numbers will get you to £5,000 prize and finally, 5 numbers+Bonus Ball awards the amazing £1.2 million prize.  

The UK National Lottery Includes More Games 

Lotto is not the only game available that can bring you mouth-watering prizes. There are several more that are definitely worth playing as the prizes are not even slightly negligible. If you’ve not heard about these then make sure to check them out. The National Lottery games include Euro Millions, Thunderball, Set For Life, and Hot Picks. Let’s see the surprises these games hide. 


For this Lottery Game it is said to have out of the world jackpots. And it’s no wonder why since just last week the main jackpot was more than £14 million! Just like any other lottery game, the goal is to pick numbers and hope that they match the ones drawn on the draw day. When it comes to the Euro Million lottery game which takes place each Tuesday and Friday, you have to select 5 numbers from 1-50 and 2 Lucky Stars numbers from 1-12. Match all these 7 numbers right and the main insanely big jackpot is yours. Other prizes include the ones starting at £2.70, up to more than £190,000. 

Hot Picks 

Lotto Hot Pick game uses the same number as the main Lotto game but it is actually a game for itself separated from the main Lotto. To play you have to pay £1 for one line and the concept is quite simple. First, you have to decide how many numbers you wish to play with (1 to 5). The next step includes picking your numbers between 1 and 59. Keep in mind that playing with fewer numbers means bigger prizes. It is a bit different from Lotto as you have to match all numbers meaning if you’ve chosen to play with 4 numbers you need to match all 4 in order to win. The prizes for 1, 2, 3, 4, and all 5 matching numbers are £6, £60, £800, £13,000, and the biggest prize of £350,000, respectively. 

Euro Million Hot Pick game is similar to Lotto Hot Pick except it is related to Euro Million game and the prizes are a lot bigger. The concept is similar. Pick how many numbers you want to play with (1-5), select the numbers (between 1 and 50) and wait for the draw days. The prizes are quite attractive as they start at £10, £100, £1,500, £30,000 for 1, 2, 3, 4 matching numbers, respectively up to the main jackpot prize of £1 million for 5 matching numbers. Furthermore, the main jackpot prize is not shared among jackpot winners. 


This lottery game comes with three draw days. It takes place on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. And most importantly, the prizes go up to £500,000. And how this particular lottery game functions? It’s all about picking the numbers. This time with Thunderball you need to pick 5 main numbers between 1 and 39 and one main Thunderball number from 1 to 14. And of course, the main jackpot prize of £500,000 is reserved for those players who manage to match all 5 numbers plus the Thunderball number. If the thunderball number is not matched but 5 main numbers are then the prize is £5,000. Other prizes range from £3 to £250 and you can even win by matching only a Thunderball number. The ticket price is £1. 

Set For Life 

Imagine if the next 30 years of your life you don’t have to worry about anything including money, work, bills, etc. And you wonder how’s that? Well, the Set For Life lottery game gives away the most amazing prize, that is, £10,000 each month for the next 30 years of your life. Isn’t that incredible? And in order to get this truly life-changing prize, you need to match 5 main numbers+Life Ball Number. Select 5 main numbers (1-47) and one Life Ball (1-10) and wait for the draws that take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Apart from the main prize, there are a few more to win here. For matching only 5 main numbers without a Life Ball you win £10,000 each month for one year while other prizes include cash prizes from £5 up to £250. 

Note that the National Lottery would make special Set For Life draws, the so-called Super Chance Draws when the main 30-years cash prize is awarded to players who match only 5 main numbers without the Life Ball number. This way the chances of winning the main prize are drastically increased.  

Merseyworld – The Only Place You Need To Know All About Lottery 


If there is a place that keeps all the information when it comes to National Lottery, then that’s Merseyworld. This is a website where you can find all about the lottery. When we say everything we actually mean that. If you want to know the history of the UK National Lottery then you can read all about it at Merseyworld. They cover all the background information about the UK National Lottery starting from its beginnings to syndicate, lottery changes and a lot more. If you are not familiar with how all the lottery games function then this is the place to start visiting. 

Apart from the theory and interesting information about National Lottery, Merseyworld also covers lottery-related news, prize winners, statistics and numerical analysis as well as National Lottery results for each draw. So if you’ve missed the draw, you can easily check your ticket there and see the results of that day’s draw. All in all, Merseyworld is a true world of Lottery where you can find out a lot about the lottery and keep track of your tickets.

We hope you liked our article and take on Merseyworld Lottery, and if you did please make sure to take a look at our best online casinos not on gamstop article. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it and find it informative as well.