Explaining The Monopoly Casino: What The Franchise Is And Which Slots Deserve Your Full Attention?

Online gambling and online casinos are constantly increasing in their popularity and the games they have to offer. But, to play at those online establishments you will need real money and you will need plenty of time. Luckily there are online apps that offer fun-based casinos. Monopoly casino is one of them and here we will take a deep look into all the basics, all the features and so much more.

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Monopoly slots: Basics gamblers and players need to know

monopoly casino

Monopoly slots can also be found at online casinos, but that’s not what we’re going to talk about here. This is an app with a complete gambling environment you can expect. What this means is that after you download the app you will have to pick a game you wish to play and have fun. You can try our various casino-related games such as slots not on gamstop and you can collect virtual money.

The main accent in the app is to enjoy social interactions with various players. The app is obviously available for iOS and Android devices and comes with superb support. You don’t need complicated adjustments, no installations. You need to install the app and you are ready to start playing the games. There are a lot of them as you shall see.

Within the app, you will be able to play various games and developers are adding new ones as we speak, therefore we cannot generalize the matter. All the games are based on slots though. What this means is that you will have reels, combos and you will need to understand the payables behind every game. Payables are basically winning combinations you need in order to win a jackpot or one of other prizes. Jackpot is the highest payout from the game you can get.

The mission of the game

The mission of the game is simple. You will join Mr. Monopoly and you will be located in Monopoly City. The mission is to help the major restore the former glory of the city. A player can construct his own city and lead it to a brighter future.

The next or we can add a separate sub-mission of the game is to become a tycoon and to become the richest man in the city. You will use your money and influence and develop the aforementioned city, increase its population, area and so much more. However, you will also have to increase your wealth, according to city development.

Requirements of the app

A great thing regarding the Monopoly slots is the low requirement chart. You will need any device running Android 4.1 or newer and any iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or newer to use the app. The last update was on the 4th of November of the current year. We also know that the app is known for regular updates and for a massive number of players. It was installed over 1 million times which is impressive and reserved for some of the best games available on Google Play and App Store.

Main features of the game

Monopoly slots is a game which is well-known for stunning features. It stands out from the crowd and it is one of the most sophisticated and the most advanced apps of this kind you can

download today. This simply means that we are going to need a lot of time and effort in order to explain all of these features. They are explained below.

Choosing the token

Each player has the ability to choose a token he prefers. These tokens vary and they can be battleship boost designed to boost your luck. Top hat for making your odds better and so much other. There is no way we can explain and generalize all of the tokens the app offers. You will have to play the game and see for yourself.

Quest-based city development

Here we have one more complicated feature to explain. This means that you will have to complete various quests that involve looking through the city, finding the mystery object and so much more. Once you complete a quest or quests you will be able to start constructing the city. For instance, you can develop a new park, a train station or something completely different. There are a lot of possibilities and there are a lot of options you can consider at this point. All of the constructions are there to help you improve your city.

Play the slots

The most appealing part of the game is to play the slots. You will need to play them in order to get the monopoly bucks. They are furthermore used to develop the city. You will gamble and you will increase your wealth and hence improve your city. There are several games you can play and we will explain each one below.

Daily logins

You will have to log in to the game every single day in order to collect various gems and points and to use them to boost your gameplay and hence develop the city even more. This is a standard feature that is common for most apps and games of the kind and it probably doesn’t need detailed explanations.

Find hidden tokens

During your gameplay, you will have to look for the secret and mysterious tokens. They are present at some moments of the time in the city and you will have to search through your city to find them. They are powerful assets you can use and you implement to your city. These tokens are precisely something you will need if you want to make the city looking even better and become more beautiful.

Help the gods recreate Mount Olympus

Here we have one mystic feature of the game. It is also playable while a player plays slots so it is something you will complete while improving your city and your establishments. The goal here is to help the ancient, Greek gods recreate the famous Mount Olympus. It is a fun aspect of the game and the one we all liked. You will probably have a great time completing this type of mission. It isn’t something that will need a lot of time, but something that will help you get the current features of the game even more appealing.

Monopoly slots: Bets slot games implemented to the app

monopoly slots onlineMonopoly slots is an app that offers several different types of slots you can play. Actually, you will have to play them in order to collect money and wealth and make your city so much better. Below we will review the best games and explain why they are so popular and so desirable for you to play starting right now.

Super grand hotel

Super grand hotel is the first slot game you will probably play. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most popular slots in the game as millions of players have been playing it. The game is a standard slot with 5 reels and various hotel-focused symbols. The symbols include luggage, characters, money, diamonds, logo of the game and so much more. You can win big money within the slot and it is always available for you to play. Last but not least the slot is paired with a massive Tycoon bonus that is commonly used by the players to boost the city development.

Guns at Sunset

Guns at sunset is another slot gamblers and players love. The layout is standard for the slots, 5×3 (meaning 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols). However, the symbols are the main deal here. The game offers revolvers, cards, sheriff badge, most wanted and so much more. The theme of the game is Wild West and you can see the animations, symbols, effects and also sound effects all matching the theme. Guns at Sunset is also a very popular slot in the game and it offers a great level of fun. Thanks to a detailed and unique user interface we believe that it will soon become even more popular and even more desirable game to play.

Frozen inferno

Frozen inferno is a separate slot in the Monopoly slots app and the one that comes with the best possible graphics. The slot has 5 reels which is standard and 3 or 4 symbols per reel. The symbols are all based on dark magic so we can see warlocks, fireballs, rings, diamonds, ice, medallions and so much more. An interesting fact is that the game can be compared with actual slots located at the online casinos. It has better graphics and more advanced animations that many of the actual slots real gamblers love to play. The slot is appreciated for massive payouts and advanced gameplay experience. There is no need to add that this game is one of the main slots within the app and the one you will play at some point.

Big money reel

This game is last on our list but due to a simple reason. As the name suggest, it is a high-payout game. Depending on the bets and the playing time you can win massive jackpots measured in millions. The game has 5 reels which is common, but the number of symbols per reel varies. It is typically 4 but some reels have just one. The slot offers several, different payables. We also recommend this game and we believe you will like the 50 free spins that are available for the game.

Team challenge event

We have mentioned that the main mission of the game is to construct the city and to make it as stunning as possible. But, there is also a challenge part or segment of the game. The team challenge will be held for all players who are willing to participate and the goal here is to have the best city, the most cash and overall to be the richest tycoon of the game. You are not willing Β to participate in this event unless you want to.

The challenging part is essential in order to make the game more realistic and to include the top mission, something that all players will want to accomplish. We can add also that the team challenge is more difficult than you may believe and it comes with perfection in the terms of quests tokens and slots.

Frequent upgrades of the app

For most apps, regular updates are not very appealing for the users. They don’t have real importance and they are not very needed, at first. However, the updates at the Monopoly slots are different and they are something you will have to look for. The upgrades here are truly remarkable and they can be used for millions of improvements.

Probably the first and the most important reason is the fact updates come with new quests, tokens, bonuses and also slots. For some of your slots will have the main role in the gaming and they will make the app so much better. Luckily the developers behind the app will make sure you get the latest upgrades and additions on a frequent base and you will be able to use all of them within seconds.

One thing we must include here is that the app will remain the same in the terms of requirements, basic elements and the purpose of gaming. It is developed to provide fun for millions of gamers and also to those who like to gamble. But, as you all know this is a safe way to gamble and all you can get is fun. This also means that all you can lose is fun.

Conclusion on Monopoly Casino

Monopoly slots is a unique series of game with one, major goal. It is based on monopoly but it is so much more. In simple terms, you will have to gamble and become a rich person who can use the money and influence to make the best monopoly city among the million players. There are a lot of slot games that make the main game so much better and more intriguing.