How to Get Around GamStop?

UK online gambling world has changed quite a bit lately. The change that has upset the players the most is definitely the GamStop measures by UKGC. If you are one of those players who want to know how to avoid the self-exclusion period and get back to playing at online casinos, you are just at the right place. UK players might be limited by the UKGC with GamStop measures, but luckily there are a few ways to get around GamStop. Keep reading and find out more.

How to Get Around Gamstop? – Basic Information

Let’s first see what GamStop self-exclusion scheme is. This programme works across all UK-based online casinos. The players who are part of GamStop are therefore excluded from all UK casinos and all gambling activities. Once you are a part of the GamStop self-excluding process, you cannot sign in, sign up or be any part of the UK online gambling world. And all the casinos registered with GamStop must follow the UKGC rules which made this happen. The self-exclusion programme lasts for 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years (it’s all players’ choice). The GamStop programme is excellent for problem gamblers. But what happens to those other players who are limited by GamStop?

how to avoid gamstop


Well, if you want and you are ready to get back to playing your favourite casino games while getting around GamStop, there are quite a few steps that you can take.

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How to Bypass GamStop – GamStop Loophole

There are several ways of getting around GamStop. These include asking your pals to help out, using different data, using VPN, or registering at offshore international online casinos which is the most common option. Each of the options works well and if you want to know how they work, keep reading.

Changing Info to Get Around GamStop

This option consists of changing your personal info while signing up at the casino to bypass GamStop. You should use different details from the ones used to sign up to GamStop programme. The data you will usually have to fill in when registering at any casino include personal info, contact details (e-mail, phone), payment method, etc. You can use fake names, or make typos, for example. When it comes to payment methods, it is always best to choose a banking option that you haven’t used before. Or the option that is characterized by anonymity. One of the suitable options for that is cryptocurrency.

This option can help you to successfully get around GamStop self exclusion. But on the other hand, it is the option that is most likely to fail. And this is because of the fact that many online casinos ask players to verify their accounts. If the details are fake, you can’t pass the verification. If you want to increase your chances to get around GamStop, consider one of the following options.

Asking Friends for Help to Get Around GamStop

This way around GamStop is similar to the previous one. But the difference is that you will be using real information, but not yours. If you have a friend who is willing you lend you a hand in this so you can get your fav casino games without limitations, just ask them. They would need to register at the casino instead of you using their real info. The tricky part of this method of bypassing GamStop is banking. It may be a bit complicated when you need to make deposits/withdrawals via your friend’s credit/debit card or whatever other banking method.

Another problematic thing is that many casinos have policies that the same IP address or device cannot be used for different accounts. This is where the third method of bypassing GamStop comes into play.

Β Using VPN – How to Avoid GamStop?

Considering that there are hundreds of online casinos out there, it would seem that the players have unlimited choices of where to play. But this isn’t as simple as that. And why? Well, not all casinos accept players from every country, unfortunately. But this is where using VPN services at sites that bypass GamStop comes into play. With a VPN you can mask your β€˜identity’ and play even at those international casinos that don’t accept British players, for example. Some of the reliable VPN services you can try out include the following:

β€’ Cyber Ghost VPNvpn for getting around gamstop
β€’ Pure VPN
β€’ Nord VPN
β€’ Tunnel Bear VPN
β€’ Surfshark VPN

Play at UK Casinos Without GamStop

This is the most commonly used option for getting around GamStop self-exclusion. For example, many players in the UK gamble at sites with a Curacao license while of GamStop self-exclusion period. Apart from Curacao casinos, there are many other websites with non UK jurisdiction that accepts British players. All these non GamStop casinos accept UK players and function just like any other online casino. Non UK sites are great for bypassing GamStop. They also offer various perks and benefits. Check the list of top casinos that aren’t on GamStop above and enjoy all the perks of online gambling.

Casinos with no GamStop programme offer rich welcome bonuses, top game collections, as well as various payment options. One of the top bonuses you can find at non GamStop casinos is UK no deposit free spins bonus free of GamStop.

Is There Any Other Method On How to Bypass GamStop?

These are the top options you can use to bypass GamStop self-exclusion programme. But there is also another, not-so-popular one. The players can also opt for visiting local land-based casinos. This is not so popular option among British players as it is very different from playing at online casinos. The difference between the number of games offered at online casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos is huge. Online casinos offer a lot more games as well as other benefits such as loyal programmes, bonuses, etc.

How to Get Around GamStop Frequently Asked Questions

No, GamStop self-exclusion programme cannot be reversed. If you've joined GamStop programme, you cannot cancel GamStop until the period of self-exclusion expires. But if you want to avoid GamStop, there are several ways to do that as explained on our site.

There are several ways to get around GamStop. But the best way to bypass GamStop is to play at offshore online casinos. These are international casinos that are not blocked by GamStop and not affected by the limitations of the UKGC.

If you have joined GamStop self-exclusion, you can still gamble at some international online casinos that aren't part of GamStop. There are also other less popular ways of avoiding GamStop and those include using VPN while playing or going to brick-and-mortar casinos, for example.

International gambling sites are not licensed by the UKGC and are therefore not part of GamStop self-exclusion programme. Some of the top-ranked gambling sites not on GamStop are Gamblii Casino, Rolletto Casino, Richy Farmer Casino, and My Stake.